Bulkeley Middle School Holds Annual Veterans Day Ceremony on Nov 9, 2017

 On Thursday, November 9th, the Bulkeley Middle School held its annual Veterans Day Ceremony. The Rhinebeck American Legion Post 429 Color Guard attended, led by Commander Dennis McGuire. Guest speaker was Major Malia Du Mont of the Army Reserves. Major Du Mont enlisted in the Army Reserves in 1999 and was commissioned as an officer from 2003 to the present. She is currently Chief of Staff at Bard College.


Bulkeley Middle School band percussionists played the Star Spangled Banner under the direction of Marla Ulrich. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by 7th grader Hirpheshi Dentico.


Bulkeley Middle School students presented flags of all of the armed forces, while a medley of anthems played and veterans of each branch were honored. In addition, students from Ms. St. Clair’s 7th grade computer classes created 199 individual slides that were shown, while 113 students read names of the veterans being honored.

The assembly ended with the retiring of the flag as 7th and 8th grade trumpet players played taps, and the Final Bulkeley Salute power point of veterans was shown.


Attendees of the Veterans Day Celebration


Veterans Day Celebration



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