RHS Students in Grades 9-12 Receive Awards at June 5, 2017 Honors Assembly Program


To a senior in recognition of scholarship, leadership, courage, service and honor : Mariel Mustello


THE EMPIRE BOYS STATE AWARD -The Empire State Award is sponsored by the American Legion, Post, #429: Matthew Dampf, Javan Halstead, Scott Oatkin


THE EMPIRE GIRLS STATE AWARD - The American Legion, Post #429, sponsors the Empire State Award. The Post sponsors a junior girl who possesses outstanding qualities of leadership, patriotism, scholarship, and maturity for a one-week seminar in governmental processes at work: Jamie Rifenburgh


THE AMERICAN LEGION AUXILIARY MONTGOMERY POST UNIT #429 SCHOLARSHIP - To a senior who demonstrates an awareness and appreciation of the opportunities available in the United States of America: Jack O’Brien




RCSD ADMINISTRATOR’S SCHOLARSHIP - This award is presented to a graduating senior who is pursuing higher education and who has demonstrated excellence in citizenship, school service and academics: James Erlanger


2017 RENEE HARGRAVE/KIWANIS COMMUNITY SERVICE AWARD - To a graduating senior who has demonstrated an appreciation of the value of community service: Sabrina Shih






RHINEBECK MASONIC LODGE #432 F & AM - Given to an 11th or 12th grade student exhibiting practical application of civic/social studies skills in the school and community: Elvio Castellano


THE RHINEBECK GRANGE #896 HOME EC AWARD - To a student of grade 9, 10, 11 or 12 who demonstrated the most interest and involvement in Home Economics: Larissa Hilgendorff-Graf


THE RHINEBECK GRANGE #896 TECHNOLOGY AWARD - To a student of grade 9, 10, 11, or 12 who demonstrated the most interest and involvement in Technology: Jakob Halpern


THE RHINEBECK GRANGE #896 CHEMISTRY AWARD - To the student with the highest average through the third quarter in Regents Chemistry: Amelia Holehouse


THE DRAMA CLUB AWARD - The Drama Club Award is presented to those students who participated in the Spring Musical program for at least all four years of high school.


For 4 or more years of participation – Liza Goldstone, Brian Murray, Nate Shanahan, Sarena Toback

For 4 or more years of participation Crew – James Erlanger, Derek Livesey

For 4 or more years of participation Pit – Isabel Carleton, Jack Tellerday

For 3 years of participation – Samantha Karchmer, Rebecca Lewit, Diego Marotta, Jack McNulty, Lillian Pavord, Ellie Ping

For 3 years of participation Crew – Lizzie Ayton – 2 yrs – Katie Krom



THE BARD COLLEGE HUMANITIES AWARD - To a college bound senior for outstanding academic achievement in the humanities: Elizabeth Ayton


THE PTSO CAREER TECHNICAL AWARD - To the student who has completed their program with exceptional motivation and achievement: Blake McMichael


THE PTSO SPANISH AWARD - To the student with the highest average through the third quarter in Comprehensive Spanish Regents: Caroline Voorhis


THE PTSO FRENCH AWARD - To the student with the highest average through the third quarter in Comprehensive French Regents: Daisy Gadsby


THE PTSO OUTSTANDING EFFORT AWARD - To the student who demonstrates perseverance and determination in completing high school: Claudia Helms


THE PTSO BARBARA ANGELL MEMORIL AWARD - To a graduating student who displays consistent continuing effort in his/her work and who worked with a positive attitude to the best of his/her ability: Maxim Holzhueter


THE PTSO OUTSTANDING ARTISTIC ACHIEVEMENT AWARD - To a senior student who has demonstrated consistent effort and ability: Maggie Bennett


THE SHEILA KOSSEFF MEMORIAL AWARD - To a promising student participating in the Rhinebeck High School Music Department to further his/her musical education: Nicole Prout, William Lange


RHINEBECK ROTARY SCHOLARSHIP - Elizabeth Goldstone, Blake McMichael, Michelle Ping


ROTARY YOUTH LEADERSHIP SCHOLARSHIP - To sophomores who have shown leadership in their home, school and community. Students will attend a five day leadership conference:

Christina Carucci, Rachel Dull, Olivia Fajardo, Amelia Holehouse, Anja Holzhueter


THE RHINEBECK ALUMNI AWARD - To a senior boy and girl showing the most improvement in scholarship and citizenship in their school years: Dean Douglas, Brooke LaRoche


RHINEBECK BOARD OF EDUCATION AWARD IN MEMORY OF BARBARA ANGELL - To a senior who demonstrates excellence in school citizenship: Jack Spencer








THE METTA CALLAHAN SCHOLARSHIP: Alexander Salchert, Grace Levine




BRIAN BUTLER & JACK HAUPIN MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP - Given in memory of Brian Butler & Jack Haupin who are remembered for their excellent work ethic and teamwork, their sense of humor and congeniality, and their concern for others: Amanda Martin


RHINEBECK COMMUNITY FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIP: Alexandra Dunn, Grace Levine, Sabrina Shih, Jack Tellerday, Lillian Pavord, Sarah Rodriguez, Michelle Ping, Brian Murray, Mariel Mustello, Elizabeth Ayton, Charlotte Howard, James Erlanger, Alessandra Ganz, Isabel Carleton


JEWISH FEDERATIONAWARD - To a senior whose acts or deeds have made a most significant contribution to his/her school and community: Sara Stiverson, Elizabeth Goldstone




LOUIS ARMSTRONG JAZZ AWARD - To a senior contributing the most to the jazz band:

Isabel Carleton


JOHN PHILIP SOUSA AWARD - To a senior for superior musicianship or outstanding member of the high school band towards success of the program. Our highest award: Jack Tellerday


THE ANDREW E. BENNETT MEMORIAL AWARD - To a senior percussionist who is outgoing, loves music, and cares for people. This year’s recipient is an outstanding musician who has been an incredible leader in the ensemble: Jack O’Brien


NYSBDA SYMPOSIUM HONOR BAND - Isabel Carleton, Sarah Rodriguez, Jack Tellerday


THE NATIONAL CHORAL DIRECTOR’S AWARD - Given to the outstanding senior who has shown the most service and dedication to the success of the Music Department: James Erlanger


THE NATIONAL SCHOOL CHORAL AWARD - Given to a student in recognition of outstanding service, musicianship and responsibility in the Choral program: Elizabeth Goldstone


CHARLES S. NORTH SCHOLARSHIP FOR MUSIC & Art - Given to a high school senior who is a resident of Dutchess County who is pursuing a college degree in music performance, music/art education or visual arts at an accredited college or university in the United States. This scholarship is named for Charlie North, the President and CEO of the Dutchess County Regional Chamber of Commerce for his love of music and all he has done to bring music in to the lives of our community: Charlotte Howard


SEMPER FIDELIS AWARD - In recognition of diligence, dedication and musical excellence as a performing high school band person and soloist: Gillian Kroll


  1. & MRS. DONALD J. CLOSS MEMORIAL AWARD - For excellence in the sophomore year:

Caroline Voorhis


THE NATHANIEL OXLEY MEMORIAL AWARD - To aid in the pursuit of higher education for a graduating student of singular character preferably with interest in music and running or other sport:

Nathaniel Shanahan



To a senior boy and girl showing outstanding leadership, Americanism, citizenship, appreciation, perseverance, stability, resourcefulness, and a sense of honor: Gagana Yaskhi, Mitchell Hutchins


THE DONALD JUNCEAU MEMORIAL AWARD - To an outstanding senior musician with college potential as measured by the high school records, test scores and evidence of leadership: James Erlanger


WELLS COLLEGE 21ST CENTURY LEADERSHIP AWARD - Each year, a distinguished group of students are recognized by Wells College for their leadership ability, community involvement, and academic excellence. The 21st Century Leadership Award program is designed to honor students who embody the spirit, integrity, and intellectual qualities of strong leaders: Mia Grace Naglieri,

Roland Lipscomb

4 YEAR MAJOR ART SEQUENCE - Maggie Bennett, Constellation Funkhouser, Alessandra Ganz, Claudia Helms, Katie Krom, Derek Livesey, Caileigh McDonagh, Alexander Salchert, Sabrina Shih, Jack Spencer, Grace Steele


RENSSELAER MEDAL - To a junior for outstanding achievement in Mathematics and Science.

Casey Schulkind


2017 HUGH O’BRIEN YOUTH LEADERSHIP AWARD (HOBY) - Jesse was selected to attend HOBY an educational leadership seminar experience for nearly 10,000 high school sophomores annually.  

Jesse Schneyer


THE UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER GEORGE EASTMAN YOUNG LEADERS AWARD - To a student with strong leadership and academic achievement, and extra curricular involvement:

Grace Johnson


THE UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER FREDERICK DOUGLASS AND SUSAN B. ANTHONY AWARD IN HUMANITIES AND SOCIAL SCIENCES - To a student who has demonstrated commitment to understanding and addressing difficult social issues along with leadership and dedication to community action: Sahara Williams


THE UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER BAUSCH & LOMB HONORARY SCIENCE AWARD - To a junior for outstanding achievement and exceptional promise in the sciences: Alexandria Lamprou


THE UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER XEROX AWARD FOR INNOVATION AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY - To a student who has demonstrated a strong interest in innovation and information  

Technology: Brooke Platt


ROCHESTER INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION & CREATIVITY AWARD & SCHOLARSHIPS - To students pursuing a rigorous college preparatory program who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in innovation and creativity: Lyle Schwartz, Rachel Pietrow


ROCHESTER INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY COMPUTING MEDAL SCHOLARSHIP - To students pursuing a rigorous college preparatory program who have demonstrated interest and ability in computing: Nathan Warrachart, Elizabeth Rosenzweig


THE CLARKSON LEADERSHIP AWARD - To a junior in the top 15% of the class who has demonstrated leadership and is recognized by the faculty and students as being a positive contributor to their school: Talia Goldman


THE CLARKSON ACHIEVEMENT AWARD - To a junior in the top 15% of the class who has demonstrated achievement and is recognized by the faculty and students as being a positive contributor to their school: John Fleming


JOHN A. SMITHERS MEMORIAL ENGINEERING AWARD - To the senior with the best four-year record in Mathematics and entering an accredited school of engineering: Elizabeth Ayton


THE SAINT MICHAEL’S COLLEGE BOOK ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT WITH A SOCIAL CONSCIENCE AWARD - The Saint Michael’s College Book Award for Academic Achievement with Social Conscience recognizes outstanding students who demonstrate a commitment to volunteerism and leadership in his or her community service endeavors: Matthew Dampf, Jamie Rifenburgh


NEW YORK STATE COMPTROLLER’S ACHIEVEMENT AWARD - Presented each year to a student who has excelled academically and has also shown leadership potential by volunteering his or her time to service the school or community. Comptroller DiNapoli sends his sincere congratulations.

Elizabeth Goldstone


2017 NYS TRIPLE C AWARD - The New York State Comptroller’s Achievement Award is presented each year to a student who has excelled academically and has also shown leadership potential by volunteering his or her time to serve the school or community. Comptroller DiNapoli sends his sincere congratulations and best wishes to the graduating class of 2017: Cooper Giampoprtone, Claudia Helms

STUDENT SAGE AWARD - The Sage Colleges is pleased to present the 2017 Student Sage Recognition Nomination to two of Rhinebeck High School’s outstanding juniors. The award was created to recognize the characteristics of academic excellence and community involvement that have defined Sage students for nearly a century: Iridian Lucas Garcia, Stephanie Lozada




2017 NATIONAL MERIT SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM COMMENDED STUDENTS - Mia Arias Tsang, Sarah Rodriguez, Isabel Carleton, Jack McNulty




DUTCHESS COUNTY COUNSELOR ASSOCIATION ACHIEVER - Awarded to students who have demonstrated determination, resilience, and motivation in achieving their educational goals:

Blake McMichael


2017 SKILLSUSA CTI COMPETITION - The NY Association of SKillsUSA is a Career Technical Student Organization partnering students, teachers and industry to ensure the development of America’s skilled workforce. Congratulations to RHS junior Daniel Wilde who received 2nd place in the 2017 SkillsUSA Small Engine Competition in Syracuse, NY where he demonstrated his knowledge and understanding of small engine theory, operation, diagnostics, failure analysis, repair and testing: Daniel Wilde


THE PRUDENTIAL SPIRIT OF COMMUNITY AWARDS – CERTIFICATE OF EXCELLENCE - The Prudential Spirit of Community Award honors young people from across America for outstanding volunteer service. RHS nominated Elizabeth Goldstone for national honors in recognition of her dedication to community service: Elizabeth Goldstone


PRESIDENT’S VOLUNTEER SERVICE AWARD - President’s Volunteer Service Award recognizes Americans of all ages who have volunteered significant amounts of their time to serve their communities and their country: Elizabeth Goldstone


THE BRIAN SCOTT ARENA MEMORIAL AWARD - The Brian Scott Arena Memorial Award is given in honor of a local man who attended Hyde Park school and attended college at Lafayette   He was an accomplished student and well connected to his great friends and his local and college community.  This award is presented to a student that exemplifies the same qualities that Brian had in his short life – kindness, politeness and friendship for all: Jack O’Brien


PRESIDENTIAL AWARD FOR EDUCATIONAL EXCELLENCE - Recognizes an exemplary high school academic record: Grace Steele, Emily Entner, Tanner Newman, Peter Scagnelli, Kyle Hanson, Elias Econopouly, Nathaniel Long,, Mitchell Hutchins, Michelle Giamportone


PRESIDENTIAL AWARD FOR EDUCATIONAL ACHIEVEMENT - Recognizes students that show outstanding educational growth and commitment: Adris Raal, Caitlin Melvin, Ashley Speedling, Julia Fesser, Stella Funkhouser, Claudia Helms, Katie Krom, Matthew Martin, Maxim Holzhueter, Corinne Toussaint, Sara Stiverson


NINE PARTNERS LION CLUB - Nine Partners Lion Club is presented to a Town of Clinton resident who exhibits a positive attitude, demonstrates service to others and is pursuing secondary education: Mariel Mustello


2017 EXCHANGE STUDENTS - This year Rhinebeck had three exchange students from Japan, Germany and Sweden. They have participated in our high school’s learning community and competed on our sport teams and were part of many of our school sponsored clubs.  We are happy that they choose Rhinebeck and we will miss them: Getuart Krasniqi, Jakob Dalenbring, Ken Shinohara


STUDENT DIPLOMACY CORPS SUMMER 2017 - The Student Diplomacy Corps provides opportunities and scholarships for high school students from across the nation and around the world to access dynamic international education summer programs that build college readiness, deepen understanding of global issues and unleash the potential and creativity of youth. This year two Rhinebeck students will be traveling to Mexico and to Italy to participate:

Serafina Leffeld, Leila Ransome


NYS SENATE YOUTH LEADERSHIP RECOGNITION AWARD - The Youth Leadership Recognition Awards program is designed to recognize the outstanding young students who will become our State’s future leaders. The program is designed to highlight and congratulate well-rounded students who excel academically and have exhibited leadership through extracurricular or volunteer activities: Sahara Williams


RED HOOK-RHINEBECK ELKS LODGE 2022 SCHOLARSHIP - The Elks National Foundation is committed to building a better future for seniors graduating from high school who are pursuing college for a future career.  The foundation awards $2,296 million annually each year in scholarships to 500 high school seniors. The first and second place awards are among the largest scholarships provided by any major fraternal or service organization.  The ENF also honors our veterans, invests in communities where Elks live and work, and also provides tomorrow's leaders, our youth, with a healthy beginning. The foundation has made it possible for us, Red Hook-Rhinebeck Elks Lodge #2022, to give the opportunity for our local high school seniors to apply for a Most Valuable Student Scholarship Award. Mia Arias Tsang,

Alexander Salchert


RHINEBECK SCHOOL RETIREES SCHOLARSHIP - Scholarship is awarded to deserving students who will be continuing their education: Mia Arias Tsang, Gagana Yaskhi


MARIE KENNEY SCHOLARSHIP - Awarded to a student with an admirable work ethic pursuing higher education in a vocational field: Corinne Toussaint


RHINEBECK AREA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE: Each year, the Rhinebeck Area of Chamber of Commerce awards $1,000 to a deserving graduate of Rhinebeck High School who is going on to pursue a Business-related field of study. The recipient has demonstrated outstanding academic achievement, has gone above-and-beyond their community service requirement, supplied glowing recommendations, as well as a written essay. The Board of Directors of the Rhinebeck Area Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce that Rhinebeck High School senior Elizabeth Goldstone is the recipient of this year’s scholarship: Elizabeth Goldstone


RHINEBECK HIGH SCHOOL CHARACTER, COMMITMENT & COMMUNITY SERVICE SCHOLARSHIP - This scholarship is awarded by Lili and Jim Warnot to a hard working student who has exemplified generosity of spirit to his fellow students and community and who demonstrated perseverance through a strong work ethic leading to their academic success: Claudia Helms


RHINEBECK SOCCER LEAGUE BRUCE WASHBURN SCHOLARSHIP - This award is presented to students entering college who have participated in the Rhinebeck Soccer League, who have demonstrated good sportsmanship and have excelled both scholastically and athletically:

Alexandra Dunn


ROSE & KIERNAN, INC SCHOLARSHIP - This scholarship is presented to a student who has achieved a high level of academic success and is pursuing a career in health care and wellness: Mathew Martin


FIREFIGHTER MICHAEL L. BOCCHINO MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP - The firefighter Michael L. Bocchino Memorial Scholarship was established by the Lavender family of Rhinebeck, NY. Its purpose is to honor Firefighter Michael Bocchino, who was killed in the line of duty on September 11, 2001. Michael was a beloved brother and uncle to members of the Lavender family. Two generations of Lavender’s have been involved in the arts in Rhinebeck for the past decade. Michael’s memory lives on in everything that they create. For this reason, a senior who is pursuing a career in the arts, who is the son or daughter of someone serving our community whether in the armed forces, government or educational sectors is selected: Michelle Ping


THE CLASS OF 2000 COMMUNITY SERVICE AWARD - Presented to a student who has distinguished himself in service to community and school: Sarena Toback


LAW OFFICE OF STEVEN MELLEY, PLLC AWARD - Awarded to a student who exhibits a passion for learning and outstanding potential to excel in chosen career: Isabel Murray


RYAN D. BURGER MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP “Ryan’s Rainbow’ - Ryan D. Burger was a 2003 graduate of Rhinebeck High School. He was always known for his big smile and welcoming, positive nature. Ryan loved school and music. He was the first student to attend Rhinebeck Central School and graduate with a disability that limited his mobility. Ryan was an awesome big brother that took pride in helping his brothers become successful. He volunteered for years at Vassar Hospital and loved the public interaction. The Ryan D. Burger Scholarship is awarded to a senior who has overcome challenges with kindness, compassion, generosity of spirit and admirable determination: Cooper Giamportone








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