Rhinebeck BOE Sets 2016-17 Goals For District and Selves

At the September 13, 2016 meeting of the Rhinebeck Central School District Board of Education, the Board members unanimously approved the following goals for the Board and the school district for the current school year:



  1. Comprehensive District Enrollment Planning: The Board will initiate a study of District enrollment trends and the potential impact on class size, programs and services, and staffing. Honoring its commitment to providing a diversity of opportunities for our students, the Board will identify key issues and develop potential models in response to such trends. The Board also will begin a process of community engagement to support the ongoing work of building a strong future that sustains dynamic schools.


  1. Social and Emotional Wellness of Our Students: The District will work with the school community to raise awareness about the importance of our students' social-emotional health and well-being. Consulting broadly with teachers, administrators, staff, parents, and, most importantly, students   the Board will assess the impact of the new school start time pilot, make a recommendation continuing the later secondary start time, and communicate throughout the year about supporting the development of our students’ emotional and physical well-being. 


  1. Technology Integration Across the K-12 Curriculum: The Board will study the progress made within the District towards its goal of technology integration across the K-12 curriculum, with a focus on assessing skill sets at each grade level. Since the implementation of the CELT Audit recommendations in 2013-14, which laid out a direction for a Districtwide technology plan, the Board will examine how effectively technology education standards are being met and make recommendations on how to respond to gaps in integration.


  1. Contract Negotiations: The District will initiate contract negotiations with the Rhinebeck Teachers Association, affirming the value of a timely, collegial and collaborative process.


  1. Facilities Capital Project: The Board will continue the process of developing a capital project referendum allowing for responsible stewardship of Rhinebeck's two school campuses. With a focus exclusively on facilities maintenance, the Board will provide opportunities to engage community members in defining the scope of the project, with a potential referendum vote to be held in the future.




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