District Updates Transportation Program Status on a Very Rainy Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Today’s monsoon presented a good test of our transportation program under the stress of inclement weather.  This is not to say that the morning runs were trouble-free, but they ran better than we had anticipated, given the weather. 

There were a few weather-related issues today in addition to standing water on many roads, such as a downed tree across Morton Road in Rhinecliff that caused Bus #7 to have to detour, as well as at least one turn-around that was so muddy that the bus was delayed (though not stuck!). The drivers of both these buses are experienced drivers who drove for Durham last year, so they know their way around.  

Also, five of our later-arriving buses were stuck in the queue of automobiles on North Parsonage and North Park and, as a result, arrived between 7:25 am and 7:30 am.  Historically speaking, backed-up traffic for the BMS/RHS morning arrival on rainy days has been an issue for many years, regardless of the bus company. We fully expected the last two buses, which arrived at 7:33 and 7:34 am respectively, to be at least 10 minutes later due to the tree and turn-around issues.

In spite of these problems, all buses arrived at CLS on time this morning. In addition, all buses arrived and departed from BMS/RHS and from CLS this afternoon, in spite of the continuing rainfall.

Even though our transportation program is not perfect yet, we have been receiving communication from a number of parents telling us that the morning pick-up times are improving.  We appreciate knowing when and where our efforts are bearing fruit but, more importantly, we need to know when and where we’re still not hitting the mark, if we are to make the necessary improvements. Parents with any specific questions, concerns, and/or complaints about their child’s transportation, specifically about their bus route or schedule, ongoing or new, now or in the future, should continue to call:

Mary Ann Coe, Allways East Contract Manager – (845) 204-9660

Sue McCormack, RCSD Transportation Clerk – (845) 871-5520 ext 5527

Tom Burnell, RCSD Assistant Superintendent for Support Services – (845) 871-5520 ext 5523

Also, contact Superintendent Phelan at (845) 871-5520 ext 5522 or at jphelan@rhinebeckcsd.org. We will continue to keep you updated regarding our efforts to improve our transportation services every day. Thank you again for your patience, your constructive criticism, your support, and your understanding.






845.871.5520 - District
845.871.5520 ext. 5527 - Transportation
845.871.5570 ext. 5560 - Registration
845.871.5570 ext. 5551 - Special Education
845.871.5570 ext. 5560 - Curriculum & Instruction


845.871.5570 - Chancellor Livingston Elementary
845.871.5500 - Bulkeley Middle School
845.871.5500 - Rhinebeck High School